Allie Strauss

Allie serves as Centerfirst’s Director of Customer Analytics, and she oversees the Data Analytics team, as well as the IT department. Prior to joining Centerfirst in 2014, Allie served a provider-owned health plan organization and was responsible for data analytics and validation for Federal, State, and commercial programs.

At Centerfirst, Allie and her team make up the backbone of the business. Allie uses her comprehensive knowledge of data analytics sourced from call monitoring data in order to provide valuable insights and trends to our clients.

Allie received her bachelor’s degree in Information Process Management through the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and while there, interned at the Indiana Department of Insurance in the Complaints and Medical Malpractice division. Allie enjoys spending Saturday mornings at yard sales and antique stores looking for unique items to add to her collection.