Quality monitoring exactly as you would do it, but outsourced to the experts at Centerfirst.

When you’re asked to do more with less in your contact center, think about outsourcing your Quality Monitoring function to Centerfirst. You can pick just the right amount of monitoring you need to complement your existing QM or outsource your entire QM function. Our US-based monitoring specialists perform thousands of quality monitors each month for leading bio-pharma companies.  See the case study »

Mystery Calling

Have you been looking for a way to give your contact center’s Quality Monitoring (QM) program a boost? Mystery Calling is the single most effective tool you can add to a highly functioning QM program. Mystery Calling is simply having someone trained on the objectives and processes of your contact center place a real-life, scenario-based call into your center. The interaction is recorded and assessed like other calls and is used as a vital component of your QM program. Here’s a brief video on three practical uses for Mystery Calling and please visit our recent blog for more information.


    Scale our services up or down to meet your monitoring requirements


    Pay only for the amount of QM you need


    Thousands of calls and cases monitored each month


    Trusted by the world's leading bio-pharma companies for more than a decade




With more than a decade of call center monitoring experience, Centerfirst is now making that expertise available on demand and in real time to give users the first fully customizable and fully transpartent reporting tool dedicated to bio-pharma.