Voice of the Caller™ Case Study

Centerfirst helps top 10 bio-pharma company launch potential block-buster into competitive market where single patient therapy is >$50K

Background – Even the most well intended patient support programs will fall short on delivering value when they don’t support the right customer with the right message. Our client was launching a potential blockbuster bio-logic and needed to get the launch right. They utilized Centerfirst’s Voice of the Caller™ service to provide real-time insights on the successes and shortcomings of their patient focused contact center programs.

Actions – What Centerfirst quickly found through our evaluation of a sample of customer calls was that the contact center agents were unable to address the needs of callers. The reason was because callers were more often caregivers than patients, and the agents were not trained and equipped to handle caregiver concerns. Centerfirst immediately brought this to the attention of the brand team, who was able to work with their agency, their contact center partner, and Centerfirst to develop the right message for the callers.

Results – Where just a handful of patients can make a big difference in a program’s success, this swift action and cross-functional solution kept the patient contact center program right on pace to deliver critical value to patients and the brand.

Client Brand Manager – “Centerfirst brought us critical information about our callers that we needed to take quick action.  I am so happy we worked with them.”