Outsourced QM™ Case Study

Centerfirst helps top-5 bio-pharma company QM group meet it’s CAPA requirements and expand it’s influence

Background – With more than 250 agents, 20 brands, and 400,000 calls per year, QM for this access and reimbursement contact center was a monumental task. The task had become so big that the Quality Team leader wanted help making her numbers. Centerfirst’s Outsourced QM™ service was the perfect match for her needs.

Actions – Centerfirst brought decades of regulatory experience to help our client manage the reporting requirements of their CAPA as well as give line supervisors the detailed information they needed for coaching agents. Centerfirst works day-to-day, even hour-to-hour, to stay abreast of the changes occurring in the center. Now, our client works directly in Centerfirst’s Online Monitoring and Evaluation Tool—COMET™—to get real-time performance results.

Results – For the first time, our client confidently meets all of the QM requirements for her organization and does it at a fraction of the cost that would be required for an internal group. It’s a team effort that has surpassed all expectations for both compliance and customer experience improvements.

Client Quality Manager – “QM for an organization this size is almost an impossible task without the right partnership and expertise. Centerfirst is the right partner with the right expertise.”