Outsourced QM™ - Compliance

Centerfirst helps top-20 bio-pharma medical information organization control costs, meet compliance requirements, and delight customers

Background – Who in the contact center has been asked to do more with less? Everyone of course! Just when you think you have heard and done everything you can think of to eliminate costs while maintaining compliance and sustaining customer service, a new idea comes along. That’s what our client told us when we introduced them to Centerfirst’s Outsourced QM™

Actions – Centerfirst has worked with dozens of clients to learn their products and processes, stay on top of the day-to-day changes occurring in their contact center, and run an outsourced quality monitoring program that exactly meets the needs of the organization. That’s what we did for our top-20 biotech client’s medical information group. Centerfirst monitored calls, provided detailed reports, and calibrated on individual and group results.

Results – In a 5-person medical information contact center, our client saved 1/2 FTE per year by outsourcing their QM program to Centerfirst.

Client Medical Information Manager – “Centerfirst Outsourced QM is like having all the functions of an internal QM program but only paying for services we need.”