Why Pay for Call Quality Monitoring If You’re Getting It for Free?

A friend once told me, “Nothing is free, but some things are included.”   In 1989, Hampton Inn was struggling financially and decided to begin including a free breakfast with a value-priced room. This decision reversed the brand’s destiny, and …

Is Your Company Truly Patient-centric? Three Ideas That Can Help You Get to Yes

Patient-centricity is a popular buzz word in the healthcare industry. We’ve all read the articles and perhaps attended recent conferences that highlight a new focus on the patient. Is this really a new trend? Not so much.

Every Contact Matters

Every Contact Matters is not only our tagline, but it’s at the heart of our foundation and our foundation is our employees. In 2016, we started the Every Contact Matters (“ECM”) Award to recognize those individuals that contniue to go …

Four Steps To Simplify Your Mystery Calling Program

Have you been looking for a way to give your call center Quality Monitoring (QM) program a boost?

Capture High-Value Insights From Your Quality Monitoring Function

A blog about the value of customer insights from the contact center would be very innovative – if it were published a decade ago. Industry contact center leaders already know that customer insights from the center are valuable.