Author: Pete Guillot
Is Your Company Truly Patient-centric? Three Ideas That Can Help You Get to Yes

Patient-centricity is a popular buzz word in the healthcare industry. We’ve all read the articles and perhaps attended recent conferences that highlight a new focus on the patient. Is this really a new trend? Not so much.

Four Steps To Simplify Your Mystery Calling Program

Have you been looking for a way to give your call center Quality Monitoring (QM) program a boost?

Centerfirst has performed hundreds of thousands of monitors in more than a dozen years, and we continually seek out ways to improve the monitoring process and monitoring forms. We’ve pulled together what we believe are 4 best practices for a …

Capture High-Value Insights From Your Quality Monitoring Function

A blog about the value of customer insights from the contact center would be very innovative – if it were published a decade ago. Industry contact center leaders already know that customer insights from the center are valuable.

Sample RFP Template for Bio-pharma Contact Centers

A question we often receive is, “What questions should be included in a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a bio-pharma contact center?” No two RFPs are alike but there are several questions that should be part of all bio-pharma contact …